Hello everyone! Yesterday’s menu was rice, lentil soup, mixed vegetable curry, mango flavored cream of wheat, flatbread, mango juice, and girl scout cookies. #SeattleFreeFoodTruck 😌🙏🏼 11 hours ago

test Twitter Media - Hello everyone! Yesterday’s menu was rice, lentil soup, mixed vegetable curry, mango flavored cream of wheat, flatbread, mango juice, and girl scout cookies. #SeattleFreeFoodTruck 😌🙏🏼 https://t.co/TshvYwJktL

Today we served rice, lentils soup, eggplant and potatoes curry, fresh whole wheat flat bread, wheat cream sweets, cranberry lemonade, and girls scout cookies. Thanks to @FoodLifeline for their support. 2 weeks ago

test Twitter Media - Today we served rice, lentils soup, eggplant and potatoes curry, fresh whole wheat flat bread, wheat cream sweets, cranberry lemonade, and girls scout cookies. Thanks to @FoodLifeline for their support. https://t.co/Eifo4uhHyI

Serving the Homeless and Vulnerable during the Covid-19 Crisis:

Q13 Fox news coverage of Northwest SHARE's free food distribution program.  Click to see news (above) and video(to the right).

"....yummy free food..." "...valuable uplifting service.." "I barely saw a free food truck in Korea"

"You guys are awesome to be helping out the community so much with your yummy free food"

Andrew Visitor to Free Food Truck

" At first I saw the truck and I couldn't figure out what it is because I barely saw a free food truck in Korea"......"I was so grateful since I felt I should save money at the moment"...... "I am technically not in food insecurity but kind of close to it"

Jaehyun Student at UW from South Korea

"It is a demonstration of people sharing life with... and serving other people; a higher way of being than is presently common in our society". "To support it is to support a valuable uplifting service".

"The Free Vegetarian Food Truck is a valuable service to our community. Nutritious food prepared with such culinary sophistication that it awakens and delights the senses, given to people who need it"

Testimonial of the Free Vegetarian restaurant that was operational from 2000 to 2015

Serving the homeless, students, transitional individuals, battered women, disabled, and general population

NORTHWEST SHARE Free Vegetarian Food Truck has permission to park at the University Heights Community Center in the U-District, 50th and University Way. At least 200 people come for nutritious meals on the four scheduled days. NW Share is seeking other places to legally park its food truck and distribute fresh meals to the public.

The new schedule until the Coronavirus pandemic subsides:
Wednesday -  6:00 PM  - 8:00 PM
Friday           -  6:00 PM  - 8:00 PM
Saturday      -  5:30 PM  - 8:00 PM
Sunday         - 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM
Free Cultural Exchanges in Greater Seattle Area:
Diwali, Lights of India, Compassion Festival, VegFest

Northwest SHARE has been in the Seattle landscape for roughly two decades conducting various arts, cultural and race relations building exercises.  Northwest SHARE offers free food in many of these festivals where Festival organizers permitted free food.  Following is the list of arts and cultural hands on activities and performances organized by Northwest share in Seattle throughout the year under Festal, Northwest Folklife and compassion festival.

1a. Diwali: Lights of India is a colorful festival that comes under the umbrella of Festal.  This festival is conducted in October of every year.  This festival is free for the public to experience the culture of India through performances, hands on activities, art gallery, kids activities, free vegetarian food to attendees and much more.  Diwali has been successfully celebrated at Seattle Armory in the years 2017,2018, 2019.

1b. Flavors of India: The annual Flavors of India is a free outdoor festival showcasing authentic Indian arts and culture.  Last year’s event featured stage performances by Gina Sala, a local favorite with a national reputation, light classical singers from the Caribbean, and budding local artists.  The festival portrayed Indian culture through dioramas and live demos of authentic Indian way of life and offer cuisine from various regions of India. The highlight of the event is a street parade. Over 1200 plates of free food were distributed over a 16-hour period across two days.

1c. NW folklife festival:

Under Northwest folklife take part in the following festivals and events throughout the year:

  • Our Big Neighborhood
  • Moving around the world: Winter
  • Moving around the world: Spring
  • Global play ground : Summer
  • Seattle children’s festival : Fall
  • Northwest folklife festival : Memorial day weekend

All star volunteer team distributing free food at Festival of Lights 2019 at Seattle Armory


A Seattle visitor gets the fine art Henna made on her right hand by an expert volunteer from Sammamish, WA.  Henna takes a few hours to cure and lasts for many months giving a golden orange hue on the body.

Who are we and why we do this civilization building program?



Northwest SHARE
ervices for Health, Arts, Relationships and Education

Northwest SHARE is a Seattle-based non-profit organization with a 501 (c)(3) status (EIN 91-1918588) established for the purpose of organizing programs for the benefit of the general public in the areas of Health, Arts, Relationships and Education with the following goals.

Established in 2000 in the University district, University of Washington, Seattle, Northwest SHARE  has the following goals:

- Arts and culture: Arts and cultural events are conducted throughout the year in partnership with many organizations based in Seattle such as City of Seattle, King County, Festal at Seattle Center, Northwest Folk-life, University District, Hempfest. Promote through variety of performances with various international groups. Hands on activities, art galleries, workshops, demos, interactive booths for children, families, and all age groups. All our events are free for the community

- Cultural exchanges through food: food is part of our culture and we give free vegetarian food to festival attendees

- To give marginalized people an opportunity to regain their confidence in humanity and the effectiveness of people working together to help each other.

- To provide holistic education to kids and adults alike through formal K-6 classes via Synergy Learning Academy and through continuing education programs in dance, arts, languages, etc. via Manasamskriti.

- To provide emergency food assistance in greater Seattle area to homeless. Expand during Covid-19
- To implement public-welfare programs promoting vegetarian/vegan cooking, raw food diet, arts and culture, music, dance, drama, public speaking, mentoring, interpersonal relationships, arts education, etc. for empowering people with skills to enrich their personal lives.
- To promote favorable techniques of personal diet, lifestyle, gardening and agriculture, animal husbandry and other pertinent aspects those impact the survival of humanity on this planet.
- To research and make available knowledge of alternative technology for transforming industry and agriculture to depend on sustainable and renewable energy sources that does not pollute or endanger the environment.
- To demonstrate the economic viability of a green economy, i.e. an economy based on organic farming, environmental responsibility, animal protection and care, alternative energy sources, etc. by establishment of pilot projects.

Northwest Share (NW Share) has been feeding people in need since 2002 in the Seattle area through its free restaurant in the U-district called My Sweet Lord (closed in April 2015). Since 2018, NW Share distributes from its Free Vegetarian Food Truck (FVFT) healthy Vegetarian and Vegan cuisine. The FVFT is certified by the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries (L&I), and the King County Health Department. It has a full kitchen with a steam table, a large propane stove and another four burner stove, an Indian flat bread cooker, pizza oven, a large hot hold cabinet, refrigerator, three well sink, hand wash basin, a toilet with a hand wash sink, a commercial hood with fire safety sprinklers, an electric generator, and a large propane tank inside our new ford 350 box truck.

The infrastructure of the FVFT is to guarantee that the vegetarian meals are served following the health department’s rules concerning food safety. NW Share is committed to purchase only clean, quality food ingredients as well as using fresh organic vegetables from Goloka farm in Redmond, Washington. The vegetarian diet is especially suited to maintain health, vitality and mental clarity.

Beneficiary Testimonials for Free Vegetarian Food Truck