The Career Mentor Program

Northwest SHARE is a 100% volunteer-driven initiative – meaning there are no paid staffs in the entire organization. An important implication of this model of operation is that each volunteer is either self-employed or employed in a private/public organization and is equipped to fully take care of themselves. None of our volunteers incur any overhead to the organization, which is how Northwest SHARE has been able to operate so successfully with such ambitious projects in various fields.

In order to ensure that our volunteers have a stable income to take care of their personal and family needs properly in a socially-responsible way, Northwest SHARE assists the volunteers in finding career opportunities of their choice in their area of expertise. Northwest SHARE achieves this by establishing solid networking opportunities among its own diverse volunteer base as well as matching specific individuals with suitable mentors to help guide their careers.

Here is a sampling of the diverse careers of our volunteer base:

• Harry, the founder of Northwest SHARE, is the owner and CEO of Uncle Harry’s Natural Products (
• Self-employed artists and musicians.
• Numerous Software Engineers from Microsoft, Boeing and Intel.
• IT professionals from Virginia Mason Hospital, Cingular, Starbucks, Paccar,
• Students and staff from the University of Washington.
• Staff sergeants from the U.S. Army
• Self-employed social workers from other non-profit organizations.

Our friendly mentors would be happy to help you in any of the following ways:

• Resume preparation.
• Identifying suitable job opportunities.
• Learning effective oral, writing and public-speaking skills.
• Building self-esteem and self-confidence.
• Improving inter-personal and communication skills.

We also gladly extend this service to the members of the greater community who would like to find a stable career. There is no fee for this service. If you are interested in finding a mentor for shaping your career or for more information, please email us at