Diwali 2019 – Seattle

Diwali, the festival of lights or Lights of India was celebrated from noon – 6 p.m., Saturday, Oct. 26 inside Seattle Center Armory. 

In 2019 the festival featured several hands-on activities such as henna tattooing, spice mixing and flower mandala making, aromatherapy oils, roti making, cupcake decorating, vegetarian delights and a chai booth.  An art gallery showcasing Madhubani paintings was a special feature.  A workshop where participants can create their own works of art was arranged where participants added the phrase “Happy Diwali” in their first/native language.

World-renowned Indian artist, Sanjib Bhattacharya, an accomplished Manipuri expert, Guru and highly regarded choreographer's group 'Movements in Motion' presented a dance act “SAMARPAN.” means "submission".



Diwali 2019 had an overall attendance of 10,000 people and a captive audience of 1000 people watching performances at any given time

Beautiful traditional dance from Manipur.  Watch the artists dance to changing drumbeat speeds

Gentle Oddisi dance from Orrisa.  Watch the melliflous movements of artists trained since age of three.

Watch seasoned artists play the traditional Kathak dance at Diwali 2019

A melodious tune from Rajastan and dancers melt into the tune with their graceful movements

King 5 news Coverage of the Diwali 2019 Festival

A modern Indian dance form with adults and kids