Free Vegetarian Food Truck

The current free food truck schedule until the Coronavirus pandemic subsides is as follows:

  • Wednesday - 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
  • Friday           - 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday      - 5:30 pm - 8:00 pm
  • Sunday         -12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Free Vegetarian food truck:

We serve Seattle community every week via our free Vegetarian food truck which is parked in the University district to serve hot meals to the homeless during this unprecedented national emergency caused by Coronavirus.  The free food truck pilot has been started in April 2018 and in its 3rd year has grown to serving roughly 200 plates being distributed four times a week.  We started with the University district where several homeless people wander the streets.  Based on success of the pilot over three years, we are expanding with a second food truck with service in many areas of the Puget sound.  The food truck is currently exempt from food inspection as food is served out free, is prepared hot on premises, and served in a hygienic environment.  Periodic safety checks are conducted to ensure safety of cooking equipment.

Northwest Share (NW Share) has been feeding people in need since 2002 in the Seattle area through its free restaurant in the University-district called My Sweet Lord (closed in April 2015). Since 2018, NW Share distributes from its Free Vegetarian Food Truck (FVFT) healthy Vegetarian and Vegan cuisine. The FVFT is certified by the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries (L&I), and the King County Health Department. It has a full kitchen with a steam table, a large propane stove and another four burner stove, an Indian flat bread cooker, pizza oven, a large hot hold cabinet, refrigerator, three well sink, hand wash basin, a toilet with a hand wash sink, a commercial hood with fire safety sprinklers, an electric generator, and a large propane tank inside our new ford 350 box truck.  The infrastructure of the FVFT is to guarantee that the vegetarian meals are served following the health department’s rules concerning food safety. NW Share is committed to purchase only clean, quality food ingredients as well as using fresh organic vegetables from Goloka farm in Redmond, Washington. The vegetarian diet is especially suited to maintain health, vitality and mental clarity.

Presently, the FVFT has permission to park at the University Heights Community Center in the U-District, 50th and University Way. At least 180 persons come for nutritious meals on scheduled days. NW Share is seeking other places to legally park its food truck and distribute fresh meals to the public.  Access to food has come down during the Coronavirus Pandemic.  Although open to all, the focus is on low-income workers in the service industry, gig-economy workers, people on street with compromised immune systems, pregnant women, foreign workers with limited English language proficiency, African American, Latino, and migrant workers, and finally individuals with disabilities.   

Why Vegetarian on Food Truck?  Vegetarian food is eco-friendly and cost-effective alternative to meat-based diets.  It is wholesome and pleasing to the tongue and heart, improves digestive systems with pro-biotics, works better for immune system compromised individuals, and finally cheaper than meat, fish and egg-based diets.  Vegetarian recipes from around the world are being prepared in the food truck. 

Open to All

The free food truck is open to all, although we find that a lot of transitional homeless, people on street with compromised immune systems, pregnant women, foreign workers with limited English language proficiency, African American, Latino, and migrant workers benefit from our services  during Covid-19 pandemic. 

What if not done

If we do not serve these affected populations, they will not be able to stand on their feet and become productive citizens.  They may go in a downward spiral of hopelessness and may ultimately give up trying to get back to their previous lives.  They might become victims of street crime and become addicted to bad habits such as drugs, medicine abuse.  They may not have enough nutrition to build up immunity to Viruses.