Friend indeed

As the old proverb goes, a friend in need is a friend indeed.

Each of us may go through phases of life where we need that friend who can help to find our way in our life. This is especially true of the innocent youth who have been victimized by drugs, alcohol or smoking and have lost hope in their life to succeed. Northwest SHARE’s Friend Indeed program particularly focuses on identifying and helping such youth overcome the influence of drugs, alcohol or smoking and regain their hope to lead a positive life.

Our volunteers for the Friend Indeed program are all highly experienced, wise, good-hearted people from the most respectable sections of the society, who have raised their families successfully as responsible parents and have mastered the art of mentoring by counseling hundreds of people from a variety of backgrounds. They deeply respect the privacy of the individuals approaching them and maintain strict confidentiality of their services. They are indeed friends that you can really trust your life with.

There is no fee for this program and is open for everyone irrespective of their age, gender, religion, race, nationality, marital status or sexual orientation. If you are looking for a friend in need yourself or if you want to help out a friend in need, please email us at One of our friendly volunteers would promptly reply you.