Cow Protection

As Srila Prabhupada said “In Kali-yuga, instead of drinking milk, people prefer to slaughter an animal and eat its flesh. The Supreme Personality…..advises go-raksya, which means cow protection. The cow should be protected, milk should be drawn from the cows, and this milk should be prepared in various ways. One should take ample milk, and thus one can prolong one’s life, develop his brain…. As it is essential to get food grains and water by digging the earth, it is also essential to give protection to the cows and take nectarean milk from their milk bags”

“The Indians are not cow worshippers as others wrongly interpret it, but the Indians are grateful to the species of cow for supplying milk to the human babies and the sentiment is so fine that simply for supplying milk the cow is accepted as one of the seven mothers. That is called Indian cultural mission”.

-(Letter from Srila Prabhupada to: Harbanslal August 2, 1958 Bombay)

“The cows delivered five products, namely milk, yogurt, ghee, urine and cow dung, and spring personified collected everything produced in spring, during the months of Caitra and Vaisakha [April and May].  Panca-gavya, the five products received from the cow, namely milk, yogurt, ghee, cow dung and cow urine, are required in all ritualistic ceremonies performed according to the Vedic directions. Cow urine and cow dung are uncontaminated, and since even the urine and dung of a cow are important, we can just imagine how important this animal is for human civilization.”

Ref: SB 8.8.11, The Churning of the Milk Ocean

Importance of Milk

Milk is known for its richness in calcium and thus its importance for your bones.  Milk also contains protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and fat.

Protein is important to fight diseases, renew cells, build muscles and maintain healthy hair and nails. That is why your diet should provide enough proteins. Milk is an important source of protein, since each glass contains almost 8 grams.  The source of carbohydrates in milk is lactose which gives energy to the body.

Minerals and vitamins: Milk is rich in many nutrients that are essential for good health, for stronger bones (Calcium, Vitamin D, Phosphorous), for more energy (B vitamins), for a stronger immune system and for healthier skin (Vitamin A).  Fats in milk constitute essential fatty acids which are important for body cells

Milk Products:

  • Hundreds of sweets—gulab jamun, rasamalai, etc.
  • Butter and butter fat.
  • Cheese, including cottage cheese and cheese sauces.
  • Cream, including sour cream.
  • Custard, Yogurt, Ice cream, and Pudding
  • Milk, including buttermilk, powdered milk, and evaporated milk.

Contribution Levels:

Adopt a cow – $2,000

Sponsor Cow purchase – $4,000

Care of a cow during winter—$ 1,000

Medical care for a cow—$ 1,000

Feed a Cow for a year—$6000

Feed a cow for a month—$ 500

Sponsor bull purchase – $4,000

Adopt land

5000 Sq. Ft. $10,000

Clean rooms—$10,000

Milk parlor—$20,000

Cooling Tank—$20,000

Farm Cleaning – $10,000